All photos by Gordon Hall

The most famous of rail bridges in western Canada; Cisco Bridges, Fraser Canyon, B.C. The CN bridge (orange one on top) is 247m long and 67m above the Fraser River. The CP bridge is the original black bridge lower then the CN.

Please note there will be 2 more pages of photos posted shortly, showing steam engine 2816 the last steam engine crossing the CP bridge and other photos.

The following photos were taken while on a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer on June 21,1999. Views from the vestibule window of a coach near the front of the train.

This photo shows our south bound approach on the Rocky Mountaineer train on the CN line, visible in the photo to the left top is a line connecting the CP and CN tracks, the lower left railine leads to the CP bridge.

The train is proceeding east/south bound across the bridge, below the CP track and the top left the CN/CP connecting track.

Looking back from the south east end of the bridge at the rest of the train coming from the north/west bank.

A view of the CP bridge (from the center of the CN) note the stonework on the supports and lead track.

Another view of the CP bridge from the east shore a little ways south on the CN track.

Click here for photos of Steam Engine 2816 at Cisco