Riding the Rocky Mountaineer from Kamloops to Banff on the 2nd day in Goldleaf mid May 2003

Meals in the lower dining room;

Breakfast menu


Another view

Lunch time

Lunch menu





Another choice


Afternoon treats

View inside train;

Goldleaf Dining room

Souvenir display area

Goldleaf Dome serving area

View along seating area of dome, glass roof view is great but high back seats block forward vision

Views from the train;

Canadian Goose takes over old Osprey nest, lots of nest on old poles along here.

Along Shuswap Lake

Craigellachie monument


East of Revelstoke along the Illecillewaet River view to snow sheds on highway.

Train through snowshed

Original CP stone bridge

Kicking Horse River canyon, east of Golden, train passes back and forth 7 times over river along here.

View 2

View 3

View 3

View 4

View 5

View 6

View 7

Domes along canyon

Passing under highway

View 2

View 3

Passing a CP freight in canyon


Passing freight

Morants Curve

Passing along the Bow River through the heart of the Rocky Mountains east of Field to Banff

View 2

View 3

View 4

View 5

View 6

View 7

View 8

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