Some photos from my trip on Sept. 22, 2002 on the VIA Abitibi Train, Senneterre Quebec to south of La Tuque before it got dark, on a Sunday trip, train leaves at 10:45am instead of 5:45am.

These photos are representative of what you will see along the way on this trip. The train combines at Hervey south to Montreal with the Saguenay train. More photos south of here can be found under the Saguenay train photos. The train names represent the park regions they travel through.

Senneterre station.

Another shot of station.

And to the yard and track to west.

Train at station.

Train at Senneterre station to water and load.

Crossing the highest Rail Bridge in Quebec south of La Tuque.

View from this bridge looking south.

View of the causeway and a bridge at the end of several miles of track crossing a very long causeway over a large lake along the line;

And the bridge.

Bridge crossing a small river.

Clova Station

Typical lake view along the line.

View of a typical marsh area.

Old CN rail passenger car along the route.

Some of the route travels through new growth areas where there has been a recent fire, these are some of the best views to the land around as most areas are through dense woods with a view only a short ways from the track.

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