Riding the VIA Bra d' Or train from Halifax to Sydney. Views from the Park car. Sept. 3, 2002.

Park car before leaving Halifax station.

Mural lounge in Park car.

Bullet Lounge as seen from the dome.


Crossing Bridge to Port Hastings.

Orangedale Station with VIA train.

View of Orangedale Station last Intercolonial Railway station.

The train crew were dressed up for the tour they looked sharp.

Along the Bras d' Or Lake

Train by lake.

Approaching Iona.

Along the lake.


This is the north end of the run up the St. Andrews Channel, it was here on the return trip that I just happened to see the train crossing this little causeway before it disappeared into the wood would have been a perfect shot of the train -whole train reflecting off the water.

Approaching Sydney Mines Atlantic Ocean on left.


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