Riding the VIA Saguenay train from Montreal to Jonquiere Quebec, October 1, 2, 2001.

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Other then the routes in Western Canada this has been the most scenic trip on my month across Canada and the USA. The train ran through the city for a ways till out into the open farm land. At Shawinigan we passed this Hydro dam; http://cdnrail.railfan.net/tpic/VIAQuebec/dam.jpg

The train leaves Montreal, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30am connected to the Abitibi train to Senneterre both locomotives at the front. At Hervey at 11:55am the lead locomotive pulls away from the train to a siding, the Saguenay train pulls away north from the rear half of the coaches and heads north then the Abitibi train connects loco to cars and heads west. We arrive in Jonquiere at 5:25pm the train to Senneterre at 7:55pm. Next day twice a week Tuesday, Thursday the Abitibi train leaves Senneterre at 5:45am , the train from Jonquiere at 8:10am combining in Hervey at 2pm to Montreal at 5:15pm.

On weekends the trains layover on Saturday in the north Quebec towns and leave on Sunday 5 hours later, thus allowing folks to enjoy a good weekend at the lodges, cottages and camping along the many streams and lakes along the routes.

A photo with a touch of reflection off the glass, would be nice if you were permitted to stand in an open viewing area enroute so you could get better photos, but a safety issue; http://cdnrail.railfan.net/tpic/VIAQuebec/lake.jpg

The train just arrived northbound in Jonquiere at sunset. Had really hoped for a view like this at a scenic location in daylight, of the train at some point along the route, but was not permitted off the train anywhere to get a good photo as they were running late and did not want to delay the train at all. http://cdnrail.railfan.net/tpic/VIAQuebec/VIAFJonq.jpg

Ready to head southbound from Jonquiere, our F unit in the lead that had come up with our train, the 2nd dead engine has been picked up, a damaged unit to return for repairs, kids had broken into train damaged it and released brakes with it rolling down the tracks of the siding and off the tracks, had to be lifted back on the tracks by a crane; http://cdnrail.railfan.net/tpic/VIAQuebec/VIAloco.jpg

View from rear of train one of many streams we passed, colors just starting to come along; http://cdnrail.railfan.net/tpic/VIAQuebec/stream.jpg


View from rear of train headed south near Hervey http://cdnrail.railfan.net/tpic/VIAQuebec/line.jpg

On the return trip at Hervey there was a few minutes to grab a few photos of our train, just before it was coupled together with the Abitibi train from Senneterre.;http://cdnrail.railfan.net/tpic/VIAQuebec/VIATrn.jpg

I highly recommend this trip stay a day or 2 at the many fine lodges along the line.

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