VIA Skeena train ride, view from the dome Park car on the rear of the train, in Totem class. June 13, 2002. From Prince George to Jasper. Most photos are looking to the rear as the front seats were always full, but rear could often get a seat. Also dome windows in front are scratched dirty and wet from many trips, and constant heading into wind and debris. Whereas dome windows looking to rear of train are less damaged and cleaner as they are always behind of course and do not get the same wear as those at front of train. Just click on words for a photo and use your back button to get back here for another photo.

View to a mountain.

Marsh near Jasper.

Mount Robson highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.

Mount Robson telephoto view.

Mountain, lake view.


View through dome to river.

River Mountain view.

Classic Station.


View of train along lake.

View of train, mountain.



Some shots passing the VIA Canadian train;

Passing the Vancouver bound Canadian train west of Jasper.

Closer look at Canadian, long train.

Dome view from the dome!

Some views inside the Park car;

Park car bar.

Park car lounge.

Washroom, glad my video camera did not fall in!

Name plaque in Park car.

Clocks of more use on the Transcontinental Canadian train then the Skeena showing the time zones across Canada.

Hallway in Park Car, bedrooms doors on right crew holes up here and stores supplies in others.

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