Cariboo Prospector BC Rail passenger train photos, from a ride on June 18, 2002. From North Vancouver to Lillooet return. Photos by Gordon Hall. The end of service is to be the fall of 2002, unlikely to be revived. These are classic RDC Budd railcars built in the 50's, worn out and in need of a rebuild. (+photos of train in 2001 near Lillooet)


Howe Sound heading north near Squamish.

Chekamus Canyon.

Passing a raging river.

Anderson Lake.

Another view.

Seton Lake.

Slide across Seton Lake.

Mountains near Pemberton.



Sunset Howe sound near Lions Bay.

Photos off the train of our train at Lillooet, inside and out;

View of our train in Lillooet.

Another view of rear of train.

View of front of train, they turn the train at each end of the run so they do not have to turn the seats and so that the baggage compartment is at the front of thet train.

Side view of railcar.

Some parts of the original Railway Post office station on the train.

Drivers control stand looking through window.

Interior of coach/baggage car.

Another view.

Photos from August 2001

Train along Seton Lake the tiny spec at the base of the Mountain.

And a little closer. Mountain goats are often seen above the train on these cliffs and occasionally you will see some rock fall from their movement.

6 car train coming into Lillooet, 2 cars to return to North Vancouver, 2 cars to Prince George and 2 cars on Explorer trip up the Fraser Canyon to Pavilion then back to Whistler.

The Prince George and Explorer section of train heading north along the Fraser Canyon.

A shot further up the canyon see train the tiny spec in the middle of the photo,

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