Our trip across Canada on Via Rail: 1 month 3 kids to Atlantic/Pacific/Arctic Oceans. We ride Via over 15,583 km of Canada, (including a 20 km trip backwards aboard our 22 car train), drive 5292 km, walk about 100 km, ferry 1/2 km and dogsled 10 km.

(As we reflect back on our 1997 trip ee wonder wy we did not do it in 1998 instead???? Check out the weather, our whole trip 1997 was snow and cold and 1998!!!!!!Beautiful Spring and Summer weather right across Canada at the same time of year ?? Where did we go wrong!)

Note for another perspective on travel across Canada; an excellent Comercial Web site giving a detailed tour of Canada during the Summer click here, (after reading about our trip of course), WOW check out the contrast! Wish we had that kind of money support and time for our trip.

A little piece of history; Nov. 4, 1925; Transcontinental worlds record set by Canadian National Railway with a trip from Montreal to Vancouver in 67 hours for the 1st time with an engine running non-stop averaging 45 mph. The 57 seat passenger car was an Oil powered Electric car.

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