Photos from a ride on the Acadian Railway in September 2002. Montreal Quebec Canada to Greenville Maine USA for a one day stop over then next day to St. John New Brunswick Canada. This along the old CP Rail route, that Canadian passenger trains once ran regular service on.

The Acadian railway offered an excellent rail riding experience for service and luxury of the cars. Excellent staff great food very nice presentation. I have ridden on these same rail cars in the Mexico Copper canyon when the train was in operation there. You can find photos and details of the Mexico trip elsewhere on this website.

While the Acadian level of service was excellent and meals wonderful, the location for our overnight in Greenville was a ski lodge with no airconditioning. This was being rectified but for most that rode in the first season a real hot humid experience. Lodgings in the trees by the lake are much more pleasant. Greenville is however a great location to spend a day or so, lots of lake to explore and wonderful views from the hills if you venture up. Scenery on this route was pleasant a ride through the trees and past lakes, but not as spectacular for scenery as many other rail rides through Canada such as the routes through British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies, the the VIA Trains Bras D'Or in Nova Scotia or VIA train to Gaspe.

Acadian service ended in May 2003 after one full year of operation due to low bookings.

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