Riding the Acadian Railway from Montreal to Greenville Sept. 2002. After a night in the wonderful historic Queen Elizabeth Hotel located right over the Montreal train station we were bussed out of town to the Canadian Railway museum, this allows the train to leave town more directly, and offers a quick glimpse to Canadian Railway history at the museum. The Acadian train is parked in the museum property and the guests are transfered from the bus to the train on a vintage Montreal open air street car

The train at parked at the museum

Photos from our trip on the train typical scenery along the route;

Crossing a bridge

View from the Locomotive Cab

View of the train from the forward dome car

View from the 2nd dome car

Photo 2

Photo 3

On this train the Vestibule windows were open so that you could get some fresh air and photos, much better then on VIA with no open windows for a view

Photo 2

Photo 3

Lunch on the train was excellent, we ate in the first dome car so you had a great view while dining. With the short dome cars you have an excellent 360 view all around.





Glasses with company label



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